Is Citieo right for me?

Is Citieo right for me?

Citieo is in its early stages, and we're still looking for some folks to help us make the best darn platform possible for small cities. We'd love to have you join us! Here are some questions you should ask before deciding if Citieo is the right software for you:

Does your blog represent a city or neighborhood?

Citieo is not a general purpose blogging engine. It is designed for cities or neighborhoods. If you run a fan site for a TV show, a home cooking/DIY blog, a fashion/design blog, or anything other than blogging about a small city or neighborhood, Wordpress is the better choice!

Does your blog’s main area of interest fall within a 10-20 mile radius?

West Michigan is too broad of an area for Citieo to work effectively. The Grand Rapids metropolitian area is too broad. Creston, Eastown, Heartside, Lowell, or Grandville are more well-defined areas where Citieo will work better.

Are your readers interested in hearing about local businesses and events within that small radius?

Citieo sites make money through our own custom advertising network. Businesses are more likely to buy ads with a more engaged audience! Even if you have to build an audience from scratch, we have tools and advice available to help, because we've done it before! All you need is an untapped market and the motivation to make it happen.

Citieo is currently under active development. Are you willing to help hunt down bugs and rough edges?

Are you willing to work with software that's still putting on its makeup and getting its hair done? Citieo powers multiple sites right now, but we're still adding new features and making the design really sparkle. That means some things can change, and it's going to get better over time. That also means we'll need your help reporting anything you see that still needs some love and attention.


If you’ve answered yes to all of these questions, Citieo might be the right platform for you! 


Will my Citieo site be successful?

Do you live in your city, or spend significant amounts of time there?

There is a direct correlation between your understanding of the city and its people and the success of your site. If you live in Holland but want to write about Ionia, you might struggle. We're looking for boots-on-the-ground, real live and local people. We want people who are invested in the success of their city.

Do you have a relationship with local business owners? If not, are you willing to forge one?

Getting to know business owners is important not only to represent their interests on your site, but also to encourage them to purchase advertising! You'll need to do everything possible to convince business owners that advertising with Citieo is effective and profitable.

Do you know other people in the city who can help you?

If you have friends to help out, bring them on! They can help write articles, validate information, talk to businesses, and more! You can do it by yourself of course... it's just more fun with more people!


What does it cost?

Short answer: nothing! Pilot users will have their site set up and customized for them at no monthly cost, with all features included. 

Citieo sites are completely hosted and managed by us, meaning you don't need to rent your own server and you don't need to worry about updates or any of that overhead. We handle it all for you. You can bring your own domain name, we'll help you get one, or we can assign you a name like "". 

Citieo IS right for me!!!

Hooray!! We are dying to hear from you! This is a more personalized relationship than Wordpress or other blogging systems, so we'd like the opportunity to talk to you. You can email us at [email protected] or find us on Facebook (or if you're part of the Greater GR Bloggers Network on Facebook, track us down in the members list).

Looking forward to it!


But I want to try it first...

Not a problem! We have a demo site set up at! The user is [email protected] with a password of citieo-demo