Introducing Citieo Compass - Coming Soon!

Dec 11, 2018

Citieo's goal is to connect people with their community. In 2017 we launched Citieo Sites, an AI-augmented local news platform which gives readers an opportunity to discover the local businesses and events all around them. In 2018, we're creating an entirely new way to interact with your city: introducing Citieo Compass!


Compass is an app for iOS and Android that combines a scavenger hunt with a walking tour. Local landmarks and hotspots come to life as you walk, helping you discover new and interesting sights. Here's how it works: a challenge appears on your phone, telling you to find the statue of President Abraham Lincoln. You didn't even know there was a statue of Lincoln in your town. Compass tells you it's 350 meters south-by-southwest. Along the way you pass an ice cream shop and a cute independent book store. Moments later, eating your delicious ice cream cone and carrying your bag of newly-purchased books, you arrive at the statue of Lincoln. Compass lets you know you've arrived, and after you click finish an achievement pops up. Congratulations on completing your first Compass challenge!


And Citieo Compass integrates tightly with your Citieo Site, too! Any upcoming events on your event calendar are automatically displayed in the Compass app with no additional effort, prompting users to walk to the starting location of the event. This increases event turnout for local businesses as everyone using Compass is automatically notified of the upcoming event. Landmarks and challenges are completely customizable to make sure all the best parts of your city are being highlighted.


We'll have more information to share as we get closer to launching Citieo Compass! We're really excited to share this with you!

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